27. December 2016

Brake pads

Wash yo hands boy!

Got the brake pads replaced on my car today. Got me thinking about hydraulics and vacuum motors.

Vacuum motor

Nothing more to report. Just wanted to let you guys know I will be able to stop my 3500lb death box.

26. December 2016

Musings on the Internet of Things

IoT is the Wild West. Standards and frameworks are being developed by big companies- and adoption will determine the winner.

My goal in researching IoT was pretty simple. Wifi Toast. An RGB lightbulb. A keyfinder. A security system. Most of your typical IoT Hello World type projects.

Wood, Acrylic, and some LEDs!

But this opened my eyes to Microcontrollers vs Microprocessors, signal processing, electromagnetism, and the speed of light. Analog still has some uses too.

Robot Farmers

Honestly, I think I want to focus on robotics. Until I can afford more stepper motors and servos, I’ll have to keep the human element in my projects.


25. December 2016

Christmas Stud Findings

More NodeMCU magic! A studfinder. It sounds like a geiger counter. I added an antenna to explain electromagnetic waves / interferrence to my wife. It was fun sticking it to my tongue and pretending it hurts.

NodeMCU Stud Finder

Read more to see code snippets and whatnot.